Thursday, April 19, 2007

Water works

Had a fiddle with a mind to getting the water works finally designed.

No room to fit the header tank anywhere bar the battery tray.

To save unslighty hose mess, such a feature of custom installs, the existing tank fits well, the pipes now poke through two new holes in the battery tray support...These means the pipes can neatly go around the back of the motor. It also is neat, as it keeps all the ancillaries in one area.
Had to knock up a new bracket for the base of the tank which will be welded on.
Some grommets support and protect the tubes from damage against the metal and will damp vibration. Few mm clearance on the top tube.
I will be replacing all the pipe hose (red marks) with hardlines that are mounted to the engine and main waterails.., the only blue hose will be about 6inches from the tank to the hardlines and same the other end. I have a local shop that sells alloy tube, it only needs to be 5mm i/d...I can bend it over my knee. I can get this welded to the yet to be made water rails on stilt brackets...All will be become clear.

Basically its a simple system...

1 pipe goes from the swirl pot in the top hose, to the top inlet on the header tank...This flows into the tank at the top, above the water level...This purges any air from the head and highest part of the water system into the tank via the swirl pot...

One of the lower pipes from the header tank goes to an pipe inlet before the water pump...This pipe flows water out of the head tank under suction from the water pump...This allows the headertank to be part of the flowing circulating system and air purging system etc.

The other lower pipe goes to a take off on the inlet manifold...This happens to be at the heightest part of the head, so will relieve air..Any outlets on the head are flowing out from the head as they are under pressure from the incoming water..So this pipe will flow into the header tank as well as the swirl pot pipe....

Naturally you never end up with excess water in the header tank or it filling up this way...It won't overfill anyway by the laws of liquid motion, its about getting a purging system setup and secondary water system using the header tank as a reserviour for water and air.

I am able to put another take off into the rear of the inlet manifold and possibly link the front and back manifold outlets together relieving water from the front and back of the exhaust side of the head...Which I may do.

Just need some alloy pipe to finish this off...Name of the game atm is sorting all the bits and bobs so its a just a job of wanging it all together once all the piece are done.

Some decent exhaust manifold fixings.

I also placed a grub screw in the VVC oil feed on the camshaft carrier rail to stop it pressuring the blanking less thing to leak.

I am close to there being some major progress.

I think I am just lacking a downpipe for the exhaust and a starter motor and airfilter system. £250 I guess.

Bloke will coming round to do some pukka welding on a few bits next week. Then its motor out and bottomend check, baffle sump, remake oil pump pick up pipe, big end bearings, clutch system...While its out bulkhead will be made, they its VERY close!

I can sniff victory. I have some free time from the jag over the next two weeks so its time for a push!

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