Sunday, April 22, 2007

More fiddling

Not too much progress, water system is laid out, pipes cut and complete.

Next job is a custom-made oil take off plate, as there is no opportunity/room to use the standard system. Need to pop down the engineering shop tomorrow and check I can make one on the mill there or Trackerjack will be called into action.

Need a piece of alloy 34mm thick x 55mm x 95 to drill some holes in and add some take offs to for pipes, also can add an oil pressure gauge take off to it. Then fit a remote filter on the passenger side shock tower. Thats basically all the ancillaries complete.

I will need to consider the place and wot not as I intend to fit a Caterham apollo tank at a later date, if needed, which will plumbed on the line back from the filter to the take off plate..This is a funny tank that fills with oil, 3litres of oil, it then feed the engine when surge happens, also means the engine has 7.5litres of oil...

Once all this lot is done I can pull the engine do the flywheel mods and clutch, then once the bulkhead is made its finally assembly.

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