Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jaguar E-Type Restoration - engine is back in

Interesting angles required to "shoehorn" the engine back in, its SO tight, like 1.5mm clearance bulkhead to chassis crossmember.
Bit off skew but she's going in.
Thats better :)
Jobs a gooden.

Bit of work today sticking the ancils on and wiring it up..VERY pleasant work as opposed to dealing with rusty old muck.
Coming on, airbox needs a coat of silver just trial fit.
Brakes lines need making up, few random plumbing jobs, loose ends and exhausts to fit.
Nice and shiney, this car has been a budget job, ie not an unlimited budget by any means...I think all in its cost about 30 grand including purchase of the car, which is VERY reasonable. My limited overheads mean I can offer extremely good value for money...I hear of figures up to 100,000 pounds for e-type restorations!

Hopefully its owner will want another car done after! Maybe a number more, who knows.

Be nice to restore and tune up a Triumph next? :)


Jony said...

well i know of a straight 6 that will need some sideways treatment ;) hehe

Ryan said...

You can do my Triumph next. Budget of a fiver + teddy bear for labour.

Deal? Kthnxbi.

David Powell said...

Quite keen on teddies. Jony5 you best bring the car too I can paint it pink for you.

Ryan said...

Oh no! I wouldn't give you the teddy for keeps (are you mad?), just to help out with labour to keep the cost down. He's not great technically, but I have it under good authority that he was a mean right paw for polishing. He'd apparently put a TSSCer to shame. It would mean you can stop your tartin' up and concentrate on my car! ;)

David Powell said...

Ahh I see...You got it all worked out...I got some polishing labour already, the neighbours cat..

Trouble is the cat can only reach 13 inches up from the ground and its tail has a low pressure at full extension, its really only effective to 9inches, is the teddy taller than that? If so, might be useful!

Anonymous said...


got a 70 etype that wants a 5 speed installed and some engine work...interested? body, paint, interior and all beautiful...

David Powell said...


Drop me an email to davidpowell(at)

Or pop on my forum @