Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oil Block, Remote Filter, Bling Fest

What a mission! Just stuff in the way everywhere! Wanted the filter on the passenger side shock tower...No chance.

Actually worked out OK in this position. Cause I can fit my old oil cooler take off on the remote filter head at a later date and the pipes etc will be nicely hidden under the radiator shroud base plate.

Just have to finish off the cooler block now its all jigged up and get the "JIC-10" style weld on connectors welded on and drill the oil bores and port them out...Nearly there.

Firstly have to acid clean the block, cause it ain't BLING enough..Also that pulley has to be blinged up...

Decided to invest in some decent re-useable aerospace alloy goodridge connections, the whole system uses JIC-10 connections and hose, which is slightly bigger than normal..

You can re-use these things a million times which is good as I intend to make my own Apollo tank thing if needed just need to pop to Caterham dealer and copy the design :)

I can re-use these connectors also they swivel and what not so fitting it easy in suit'u, unlike fixed braided pain the arse mocal lines you get in cooler kits!! Hate them, and push on black rubber is horrible and prone to wear holes and clip tastic etc..Also 3 of these only weight as much as 1 mocal plated thing, the adaptors are all alloy too in the remote head.

Also worked out well cause I messed up the hose length once and had to undo the connections and go again.

Not cheap mind!

Bottom pipe just rubs on the rack mounting plate , there's no way around this in any location the bloody thing rubs somewhere its a VERY tight, its really the only part of the conversion thats not I will hack a small angled section off the rack mount area and re-instate it with a new piece of metal giving enough clearance for the pipe...

Also need to account for the fact I intend to raise the rack another 1/2" once I find or make some longer U bolts...This means a slight bevel needed on the top weld on connector on the oil block.

The block fits well, I'll still need to shave a few mm from the edge of the Turret as room is VERY sparce.
Have to make a decent mount for the remote filter head, that's just a dummy. Good job I didn't cut those old rad mounts off the chassis?

Filter will need a small protection plate adding to the chassis as its inline for stones and what not, no biggy..Its also now in a low position and angled down, so it won't drain out. Also won't piss oil all over the chassis and engine when you change the filter, just a tray on the floor needed.

In this location I can easily add the old Spitfire Mocal oil cooler take off plate with a different adaptor, checked that, the filter is still well above the roll bar and chassis base and safe in location, can fit a mini cooler across behind the front valance and drill a few small holes to feed it...You only need a pissy little cooler on the K, if at all, - 10row by 15cm or so.

Also the apollo tank can be driven from a sandwich plate on the remote filter head with 7.5litres of oil there might well be no need for an oil cooler with a 75C water temp, so the apollo tank is the best idea I think...I could get some "fins" welded on the tank for cooling, Caterhams never seen to have coolers bar super tuned ones same for Elise and MGF...The tank will mount to the other radiator mount on the passenger side, they are nearly as tall as the engine...This would be neat enough and has been considered in my location of things...Took me 2hrs this evening pondering all location of future upgrades and wot not before finalising anything.

Almost the last job. Hopefully get time at the weekend to finish this oil stuff off.

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