Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lovely white hardtop!

Epic job...Had reaction, rust, fibreglass, filler, dents...

Ended up using a litre of 2pack acrylic on it! Painted inside with a brush then sprayed, outside repaired, sealed, build primered, flatted, build, flat, reaction yuck! Build, flat, colour, tiny reaction! flat, colour, micro reaction, flat, colour and it was done!

I got a really nice gun finish using some cheapo self contained spray thing meant for doing small objects..Had to thin the paint alot for final coat, got a few runs, has been flatted out with 800grade, then 1500 graded..

It awaits a final polish with G3 cutting compound and a wax...Must say it'll kick the arse of the paint job on the car and the E-Type when done!

Like a piece of glass, not a ripple in sight...all the seamed are well sealed, glossy gutters...I'll ram some waxoyl in the internal parts after its finished.

Buffed a small area and its like a best finish I have ever seen :) All a bit OTT but I do like things right!

I will be adding a new rear window, simply bonded in with white adheseal, no screws etc like before...Also the new window will be pearled polycarbonate, it looks like a really mild pearl effect glass...Really cool! 3mm polycarb.

Really pleased, I bloody hate bodywork. I want the car to have all these odd jobs done before it hits the road!


Jony said...

daaaaaang thats puuurty! is there anything your BAD at!! apart from being fat? hehe ;)

David Powell said...

errmmmmm......lots of things I am bad at, just not when it comes to cars :D He who dares wins, or saves money anyway! £60 or so paint the lid in 2pack...Would have cost a fortune at a pro...It was foul.