Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More oil block fiddling.

Drilled a few more holes, its now a functional item bar getting the unions welded on. Nicely ported too, to match my head :)

Recess is to help oil get out easier from the larger chamber in the block. Like mini cylinder head ports! Could add some valves and make a 2 stroke head!

Another chamfer on the base to clear the turret mount area.

I had an NPTF 1/8th x 27 tap, which was lucky so I added the Triumph oil pressure gauge boss and pressure switch.
This is good cause it comes out in basically the same place as the triumph one! So no wiring adjustments or anything and its hidden low down on the block, doing anyway with messy cables and wot not..I intend to run the front loom along the chassis rail, hidden, its about 3inches from this block.
Hopefully get it welded tomorrow, got a hairline fractured Dellorto DHLA48C carb some bloke wants repairing before the flange snaps, so two birds with one stone!

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