Thursday, May 17, 2007

Super Bling Roof - Mirror shine!

Super Shine! Have to buff the rest of the car now :( its not half as good.
This cuts chomps through 2 pack like butter, or a pig through bone...I advise this product on modern paints, use G6 or G10 for cellulose you can use G10 after G3 on 2 pack for a motorshow shine...You loads of arm power at first after 1500grading the area, wet the rag and keep wetting the area and buffing hard, then use more water and a paste with a lighter arm pressure, working down to really light pressure then gliding over the surface. This stuff is good...More shine that T-Cut, you use next to NONE of it, it goes miles and its a load more aggressive than T-cut also polishes off to a waxy shine...Its the bomb.
Deep shine!
That's glossy eh?
The shine is 10feet deep.

Minimal effort required.
Nothing better than doing a job yourself, you get to do it properly! Might have buff the rear end later...
The roof hasn't been waxed yet, gonna use that Carabuna? Stuff, from Brazil, wax from leaves, hard as concrete, last 12months, not 1 wash like Triplex or Turtlewax tatt.
Have to remove and tart up the windscreen frame next, its still the funny white the car was originally painted in, back in 94! Has some bubbles and its rough as a bears arse. Might be a good time to fit a new lighter laminated screen and a sun blocker strip thing across the top...Also want to adjust the water channels on the edge to blow water off better.
Best get back to some hard engineering soon, basically the plan is to get the car done for the 10CR, thats my only aim this year...Get the engine and that sorted then beef up the suspension during winter..Wont see much action this season.


Jony said...

you can do mine when your finished ;)looks good

David Powell said...

Sorted, I got two litres of "Missy Piggy" Pink here...When do you want booking in? :D

Jim said...

That carnauba stuff is about £70 a pot!
I never had you down as a garage queen!

David Powell said...

When you see this machine, in the flesh, you will see why its worth a few hours polishing it :D