Saturday, May 05, 2007

Paint experiment - Roll cage mods.

Been meaning to neaten up my footwell for a while. Rust was starting where I had worn though the paint with my feet.

I thought i'd do a quick experiment with the only 2 pack paint I had, grey.

Worked out really well. I just sloshed some paint from the tin, added a big dose of activator/hardener and painted it on with a brush, really thick...Settled to a streakfree and flat finish. Have to pickup some white paint to spray my bulkhead, so I'll rub off the little rust spots and rough the old paint and then brush the remainder onto the entire cockpit as it seems to be almost as good a finish as spraying provided you lay it on thick and use wads of activator, its gone bonehard in about 2hrs...need to repaint some of the cockpit anyway as there will be welded areas etc. Can't be arsed spraying inside the cockpit it makes such a mess.
Also gonna give fabricage a ring next week and pickup another 40inch piece of CDS tube and some tags to weld on the cage and put another bar in the cockpit.

This will run just under the steering column across the two front bars that go down into the footwells...Reason for this is, firstly safety from side impact, bit like Mattius accident, it'll stengthen the bulkhead A post area ALOT..Save the cage bending into your right ankle.

Also I can then mount the steering column to the extra bar, it annoys me a bit as it waggles about slightly cause there is no grovebox support or the pieces of dash that stiffen the column support.

I could also add some bars from this to the suspension turrets in the future?


AndreGT6 said...

Yeah I'm with you on some additional roll cage protection. I think this fall I will consider a cage. Will have to talk to my builder about this. Its one thing to put a roll bar in the GT6, but a case will be a more intensive installs. Mattius accident is truely scary.

My big issue would be the down bar along the A pillar. Would make it real tight.


AndreGT6 said...

Shoot lost my first post.

Ok, yes I agree. More protection. I'll be talking to my roll bar building this fall about putting in a full cage.

Matt's accident is truely scary.

My big concer is the down bar coming along the A pillar I am worried it might be close to my leg.

You have any details on the door braces?



David Powell said...

My door bars are bendy ones, they go right out to the doorskin, you have seen my doors? they are skins only and frame, no inner panel/trim, so ideal. The door bars no use in the standard doors, best use a straight brace, makes getting in and out a pain though and the seat too needs to be thin.... I like the bendy door bars as they make getting in and out easy and protrude past the sill and are 4mm from the doors outer skin.