Monday, May 14, 2007

More Shiney things :)

Shiney roof. Well will be, its flatted awaited polishing when its settled a bit more.
A K-series bore and piston, all clean and no marks and hone marks still all there.
Took me bloody ages today fixing all these horrible bodges on the dissy and things on the stuff I have to add to the engine..Everything on this e-type is crap, treated like a Triumph by the previous owners!


Jim said...

Nice hardtop Dave.
Looks professional!

Wanna paint my car?

David Powell said...

For your chicken, done deal? :0)

Not really geared up for painting large stuff at the moment...Need a bigger compressor and a cleaner environment and some air tools for a whole car...Makes such a bloody mess aswell.

Can paint well, but prefer spanner action really !

You could your car a panel at a time with a small compressor and a cheap gun...Just need a load of build primer and load of wet and dry and a block...pretty easy.