Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Strange cleaning happening

Never cleaned the boot in 7 years. Came up well. Resealed the seams as the sealer has some cracks..Used Adheseal from Innotec supplies. This stuff is an amazing product, glue and sealer, flexible and super strong glue. Prevention being the best form of cure, few small brown marks appearing, now gone. Will paint boot area again when I get some paint.

Sorted out the pesky rust/water trap. Will drill a small water drain hole at the lowest part and give this a couple of coats of 2pack. Also drilled some holes here and there in the sills and wheelarchs to release water....Car was well waxoyled from when I got it and there is not piece of rust anywhere after 7years.

I will be re-waxing the entire tub and chassis before it hits the road...As should last forever then! I hate bodywork so prevention is good!

Will also re-seal and repaint the entire inside of the tub to after welding and work is completed. Shiney Shiney.


Jony said...

good to see you take care of the car aswell as rag and mod the bollocks off it ;)

David Powell said...

Yes, I hate seeing any blisters or rust starting! Best hack it out before it takes hold! I have spent the last two evenings and today painting the hardtop! Looks like a piece of glass! :)