Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baffling baffles K-series Sump Waffle.

The task in hand is to somehow make an Anti Surge system for this complex lot.

I am using the normal Rover sump, being much deeper and having a good box section for the oil it has alot of benefits over the Caterham sump. Caterham are notorious for surge they have some horrible bodge up solution of foam and plates. Oddly people do now winge too much in the Elise and MGF. Looking at the sump you'd expect it to surge alot in these cars...

My main concern is braking and right hand corners looking at the engine. On left handers there is not that much surge potential. Left hand corners would make the oil surge towards the top of the block in the image below. If can't really surge up the casecase wall cause the oil ladder and block prevent it from doing so...(to some extent, but will still remedy this). You can see 3 holes rearward from the dipstick, oil can run up these, so my plate will cover these and instead of the large openings I will add 5mm holes here instead. These just drain oil back from the head.

I think the main important in baffling is to arrest the initial surge...What should happen on this side of the block is oil runs up the wall of the sump when you turn in to the corners, it will slosh to the surface with the diptick and 3 holes and then stop surging and hold station. Hense my idea to limit the drain back holes there are 6 drain back holes from the head and they are totally oversized there is not a gallon of oil in the head draining back all the time!

Above you can see my main concern, right handers, as the oil is free to run up the block wall, nothing to stop it at all. My first plate will concentrate on this side of the block.

Below is the pan. The pan floor is horizontal to the road the pan is "stepped"...The shallow side will be completely full of oil and overflowing up the side of the block. The other side will be about 3/4" below the matting surface. The shallow side equates to right handers.
Initial stage 1 idea is a 1.5mm thick plate, bit like a crank scrapper etc. This will stop the oil rushing up the block wall and should arrest the initial surge and with the aid of a small lip should "wave" the oil back to the main pan.

Oil can drain back into the pan through this gap and differences in the level on the other side can be accounted for with the 3x 5mm holes.
So the plate will be like this. That should keep the oil in place on right handers...Most UK tracks are right hander dominated!

There will be another plate/box (not shown) that bolts between the oil rail and the plastic oil pickup pipe....this shrouding the pickup pipe and protect the engine under acceleration and braking and act as a baffle round the pickup for left handers...

Need to get some alloy sheet tomorrow. Be nice to have it all removeable and bolted in. The sump is super rigid as is the block, so hopefully with a piece of dead flat alloy I can get away without paper gaskets and just use the normal sealer...

Will it work? We will see...Its no biggy to remove the sump in the car anyways. I usually make stuff that works, so confident in my idea, it took me 4hrs of thinking to start work on a template.

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