Friday, February 29, 2008

K-series Surge Baffle Plate 1

Phew...6hrs to make this plate.

All by hand.

Initial cut out above.
Oil rail slot cut out with oil pickup pipe.
Flange bent over.
It'll fit between the sump and block, no gaskets, just rover's "gloop" sealer. Its made from 2mm.
Left some small gaps to allow draining back in some areas.
It still needs a few holes drilling to allow draining back and relief for oil trapped above in some areas.
The gap to the side of the oil-rail ladder should allow oil to drain back in the sump from the centre of the block area. Also it will dump the oil trapped in the area above the right hand sheeting when you take a left hander! Needs a bit more thought but its mostly the.

Nicely made, shame you won't see it.

Next baffle will be less work.

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