Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chassis painting

Got a bit obsessive...

Stripped all the old powercoating off the front of the rails...Down to baremetal! A solid days work, hardwork! Powdercoating tough to remove! Especially from a shotblasted metal surface. Chassis is mint on this car anyway, but the powdercoating was not the best and I wanted to be shot of it.

I did this to the very front before, so alteast it'll be a decent job now and last.

I brushed over wishy washy couple of coat of Etch primer, then one thick one over that.

I will give the lot a quick flat tomorrow and if my POR-15 chassis paint arrives it should be done!

Decided to remove the shock towers, will get those powdercoated...I wanted them loose anyway.

Horrible work!

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