Saturday, February 02, 2008

This and That

Went to see the very nice bloke @ Flexolite and got/ordered some parts to get my water and oil system finished.

Tel: 01684 541941. Fax: 01684 541841. Email: Tell him K-series Spitfire man sent you.

He is also making ALLOY princess calipers soon.

-4 outlet to purge air and flow a small amount out from the inlet manifold/head.
Some random other parts.
Front suspension awaiting a lower bearing carrier to be made.
Some rear suspension for Matt's.
This area of the turret needs axing to get the dry sump in...plenty of work in that!
Few issues to sort with the rear suspension, firstly the "boot" rubs the upright....?
There is basically no running clearance between the CV outer body and the upright. So these need taking apart and lathing of the uprights is needed.
Technical spacers required as the wishbones do not fit the uprights?

Also the new hubs are FAR FAR too tight on the end of the CV shafts and you cannot be sure the bearing endfloat is set right as they are SUPER tight, ie bad tolerances. So I will need to find some old original hubs, which I am told actually fit. Either the driveshaft end is oversize, or the hub splines or the I/D of the hub spline bore or all the tolerances are out of wack. So basically none of the items, wishbones, uprights, shafts or hubs fit anyother item in the group!....

To be fair I do not trust anyone else to fix them correctly, so I will do this work myself at the engineering shop, it been offered that they be repaired at source. However I'd rather just do it myself to know its done works for me!

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