Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Been a bit quiet here?

That time of year huh...Must admit Febuary is always a crap month for motivation...They say the most depressing month of the year...With the 1st and 2nd weeks of feb being the ones with the highest suicide rates...Well certainly equates to my motivation level. Must say the weather has been super the last few days, but doubt it will last, also bloody freezing at night. My bodyclock is always screwed this time of year...Feel knackered, dumb and unmotivated till the sun appears again...

I made some small bosses to weld onto the tanks, messed about with brake lines.
Mounting this header tank has been doing my nut. I didn't want to "mod" the suspension tower and couldn't really think of any neat way to fix this thing on without some eyesore mess.

However it came to me earlier.

I will use some chassis thickness 3x1" box section for the shock turret strut brace...I can move the tank forward from where the image shows, weld on a bracket to the strut brace and afix the header tank to the brace...That should be easy to remove...The strut brace will need to be removed to remove the engine, so will the header tank, so the two items can be removed as one, saves some arsing about. I will go and hunt for some materials tomorrow.

Roll on warm weather.

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