Thursday, February 21, 2008


Having a further poke...No problems here.

The PRI kit uses discs from a small Italian mid engined Fiat :) They are altered on the O/D, I/D, thickness.

Problem with them on the rotoflex is they are a little too "Deep", and the braking surface sits a little bit too far into towards the hub, would need a spacer between disc and hub. So will need to find another disc type.

Need to find a disc book or get hunting at a friendly motor factor.

There is enough clearance on these alloys to being the disc surface outward up to 3/4".

Problem with any kit ideals is making sure they fit a range of wheels. The Pri kit will not fit the stock wheels 4.5J anyway...
Plenty of room on my 14's.
I think the best idea is to draw up the upright and hub in a CAD program and draw up some of the calipers I could use.

Any good free and easy CAD programs about?

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Anonymous said...

I don't have any recommendations for easy AND free but I can recommend SmartDraw as an easy (yet not free) solution. It does have a free trial though. If you only need 7 days to diagram it out...

Freecad ( has a large database of free software you can try as well.