Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bit more this and that

This is my funny hose connector that you can fit into a large hose by making a hole and compressing the hose between two other parts of this adaptor. It did have a push on tail seen below, but I cut that off and welded a JIC6 connector on. Thats all I did today. Its so grim and cold I long for spring, even my motivation is lacking!

So I can now use a goodridge -6 on it. This will go to the header tank.
Other parts of the fitting.
Gearbox tunnel mould is coming along, here it is with the alloy flanges bonded on, basically just have to fibreglass up the old gearstick hole, attack it with filler and sanding block and HOPEFULLY it'll be ok with some small holes drilled in "technical" areas as a vacuum forming plug.

I thought you might like to see a fibreglass panel that almost fits, its Matt's roof!
Bar the corner above that will need "pulling" in for a bit to settle it. Its basically done anyway, bar bonding in a window.
Fits a treat here.

Also here.

You will see plenty of progress on Matt's car here soon, there has been some delays but no problems, also some planning work and looking at small parts like rear discs before getting any powertools out and making some full scale progress. It'll ignite the blog again soon.

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