Thursday, April 27, 2006


Moving on, tomorrow should have the rad on and all things under the bonnet fitted. Body is done bar front lights and such and such.

Will be painting the windscreen frame black like the hardtop, think it looks better.

Good tip for aligning the twin carb manifolds, add a bar or straight edge ontop of the studs, when all the studs are touching the bar the manifolds are level to eachothers centre....Gently do up the manifolds slowly and doing each nut up a bit, then going back over them again and again, apply pressure to the bar with your other hand, this keeps the manifolds aligned and saves ages arsing about....then when you fit your carbs the spindle shafts are pefectly aligned, so there is no twisting/moving and distortion of the lever arms during throttle they never go out of balance!...when they are even a little out, the balance will change each time you use the throttle as the link pin moves on the tab lever....gawd every car i see with twin carbs has em fitted all wonky...details, details all add up to production car quality modifications.....except no less!

Made a sight pipe and drain for the catch tank...Dellorto carb vac takeoffs drilled out to 3.5mm and screwed into the tank, easy, used baby fibrewashers and wellseal on them....ideal! Sight pipe only goes halfway up to save weight!

Jobs just taking as long as they take at this stage, no bodges!!

Minimal car, nothing pointless anywhere really.

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