Friday, April 28, 2006

Gearbox in, Carbs half on.

Dropped the box in today, actually a bind, cause cunningly I moved the engine back 10mm by fitting the mounts on the wrong side of the turrets....back not front! Hard to get the bellhousing past the body cause the input shaft engaged to soon...But alas I got it in...Had to oval the gearbox mounts, my prop was custom made with a longer slider action, it works with or without o/d so it has plenty of backwards movement left...

Spent all evening sorting some carbs and fitting them properly....Aligning all the levers like a production car, tweak here, tweak there, off on about 5 times, end result, perfection, should stay balanced! They are late Dell'Orto DHLA40, with airbleeds. Setup the pumps, just need to add the linkage etc.

After finding the shortest trumpet the best on the carbs before I have got very trick trumpets this time, they are 20mm long with have an opening twice as wide as my others! Vacuum cleaners for high rpm power. CNC made, the best I have ever seen! Joy is they were free 8-)

Sold my pressure reg , bar that could fire it up for a quick 1min-or 90sec dry run tomorrow....get the headgaskets silicone surface to bite the head before adding water.

Very close now!

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