Thursday, April 06, 2006

Paint your wagon

Hopefully have a painted car on the 21st of this month if all goes well, have a built car by the 1st May?! It took me about 4-5hrs to strip it down to nothing so maybe less, hehe.

Note No4...When I brought the car the guy pulled the choke, fired it up to about 2K and the oil light went out a bit after...I cringed...No4 was purely down to poor starting. I have always worked up 15psi pressure on the high torque start motor before firing up any of the next rebuilt engines No4 has been as good or better than the average of the other 3 in the last two...So case in point, crank till you loose the oil light atleast then fire!

This was the car virtually as I brought it. It was always a revy bugger, I don't think I'd blown the first gasket at this stage and was yet to discover that my engine was a firm base for the beast! The car was mint and worth the dosh I flogged everything from it cause it was all perfect gear, it paid for the first year of fiddling...before I discovered Alloy.

Motor was stage 3- whatever that means, with a standard herald cam, bit flat. I still remember the day I fitted the Fast Road 89 cam and Webers and the HP raise was incredible! I had engine out for a reshell and re-ring a few days later as it was a touch tired on the bottom end somewhere I though (see above)...I thought the motor had found so much power it was gonna grenade itself quickly!!

Note alloy radiator braces. I was on the right track, but had no bloody idea that a set of webers and cam would lead to the creation of today. I intended to leave it as a nice road car, but the performance and weight thing got addictive, has run and run! and run some more...Its a war of attrition.

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