Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Windburn and Bodywork

Fun day at Mallory! Good one CT.

Good to see so many old cars ripping round. Chin wag a bit and nearly freeze to death.

I always liked Josh's number plate. Well composed at this stage of the corner.

Here's me in about 1997 this car is not composed!!

The Police recalled all their Metros to have safety wheels installed, as the tyres used to come off the rims, can't see why? 8-) Mine had them installed, luckily.


Hacked out the remains of the inner grill section on the bonnet...215grams saved!

Nice clean opening...I think I can cut the bonnet tubes down further in the alloy verions I'll make...Basically loose the bit that goes over the arch, everything after the bottom front arch single hole mount point will be cut off...It does nothing on my setup... the 2.5mm alloy panels I am using to mount the main tube point are incredibly stiff and strong, they tie the D-Plate into the structure of the lamp recess and arch area with great strength ...I bent the flat sheet in 5 different planes, the first were easy as the sheet is thin - after 3 planes were added, I had to drive the alloy very hard with a 5kilo lump hammer so make it full 3Dimensional but not squished, but kinked, with kinks forming a rock solid structure.

I mounted my bonnet cones on the stock brackets, bolted to some alloy and adhesealed to the bonnet, the leg you can see runs down to the bottom of the wing, I curved this alloy to it gives the wing a nice fit and also it shapes the wing from the inside...Its serves a number of functions, it also adds pressure to the bonnet catches - it holds the wing outwards slightly when they are undone, and you have to push the wing in a touch to lock it down...This pushes against the catch latch, I never had the catches coming undone or any rattling etc...It works!

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