Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pivotal moment

Towed the old beast to Mr Paintman today. I guess thats a pivotal moment. Hopefully back friday...Was good to be back behind the wheel albiet at 40mph! felt STIFF and oversprung for its meager empty frame! compared to my Alfa hehe, wallowing thing....

I have an uneasy feeling, maybe its thinking about my poor lonely car. More the likely the prospect of having to spend a few months fun money on something that doesn't make it go faster, handle better or loose weight! painfull. Have to raise some fun money!

I generally hate bodywork with a passion.

I would think if circumstances allow the weekend should have the body fittings in, roof on and it externally finished leaving just the engine to be fitted.

Some jobs to do before its road worthy.

I need to service some carbs. Have some brand new DHLA40C's but the extra progression holes would be a waste as I had them on virtually no progression anyways....and also the holes are bigger and closer so they may outrun the idle jet very early...So probably use exactly what i had on before...I have some basically new ones of those too...

Propshaft needs some new flanges and rebalancing etc. Used, used flanges last time, bad idea front cup was spinning and wobbling.

Need a new alternator or get my case welded as it cracked, alot.

I need to sort an exhaust out or take a reading from mine and check its ok for this trackday or I could sent hime 8-(

Could repack it! There's an idea is was ok (ish)!....Don't think making this trackday will be any problem, provided the motors all joy. Car will be a bit overgeared on 3.63, I doubt I will get round to making a 4.11 with later type big flange output shafts...Like Josh. But you never know...3months....Change the diff for the day, what 1hr or so?

I need to space my spring up a bit more or drill more holes in the uprights and really dump it. Ride height was a bit high before and spring will take 12months to sag a bit?

Also needs the adjustable top wish's fitting and camber doing.

Could use a decent seat, but I can live with the old one for now! Just means hanging on for dear life/leg bracing in the corners!

Final swing axle setup finished then. I guess having never had a failure and having given spitfires more than my fair share of abuse they shouldnt worry me....But they do! They were re-jointed only a few months ago, thats all you can do....I don't run a LSD or race tyres, should be all good.

Be odd breaking its track virginity, be good to stretch its legs in "safety", whatever that is.

A shiney car, great prospect, the only way is downhill now....The other one had character when it was 1 colour, lots of wounds from constant tickering and breaking.

I'd like to start spending less dosh on it and more time driving it, its the final push! Having compremised total hp for torque and reliability running costs are peanuts.... I know I have saved about 7kilos off the nose with alloy engine plates, some bonnet tube mods, making some brackets from alloy - doesnt sound much, but I'd notice that I think. Try swinging 7kilos round on the end of an extended arm, then change its direction...!

Last obvious big saves, alloy hubs and calipers....for a rainy day that one.

Plastic lamp bowls...


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