Saturday, April 22, 2006

Summer is here!

Hooray! No more winter for months! Went to Castle Combe today, sunburn 8-) Good fun, far too many bling boys and tosspots for my liking at an Action Day, best avoided! very shoddy driving by some folks and basically a free for all with cars passing left, right and anywhere when i was watching, glad I didnt have the beast there with 18year old prats in £500 Nova's trying to drive fast in the typical style of someone who has never left the local Tesco's supermarket....The kind of day you need to be fast enough to just blow them away 8-)

The Beast is ready for collection, I will see the results of its holiday when it arrives back at port tomorrow morning!! Watch the GP then start attacking it.

You know when you get a car back from painting its all rapidly downhill to the conclusion. Hope its dry tomorrow!!!

Bet its wet and mucky....

Sods law No1.

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David Powell said...

It was wet and mucky, it pissed down half way back, i had my sunnies on and got a free face and hair wash, plus shot peening.