Sunday, April 30, 2006

Can't be far off

Didn't actually get anything major done today. Just went over the motor fiddling with things and finishing stuff off.

Rechecked my rocker geometry, bang on centre swipe as it was. Double checked my pushrods don't rub the head at all. Cleaned up the stock rockers I'll be running it in on and propably using for thousand miles, till its loosed up properly...I'll be using 1.75 roller rockers on the inlet, keeping the other 4 as spares and running a less aggressive ratio on the exhaust...As its pointless I think with my 1.25" ex valves running all that lift...

When its all together I might rent a rolling road I know of for day and tune it myself, the average rolling road is pants in my opinion, there's noone locally that are any cop... and 2hrs isn't long enough and it gets expensive. Test spark gaps, plug grades, different exhaust and inlet rocker combo's, setup the ignitions MJL unit or overall timing if on dissy fascinating to see the effects...I know the carbs delivered and it was on song before, really nice it didnt need tuning, it needed fettling - just be good to squeeze power from the rest...the 1HP at a time things that you just cannot sense- even with a super sense for these things!

I modified my external rocker feed yet further, making the preminant restrictor I added removeable, basically the banjo bolt was drilled back after from being welded up and drilled to a smaller size... I cut a thread down the banjo bolts feed hole to M4 thread, then got an M4 Alley Key bolt and drilled down the middle of the threaded part and key slot ..this screws into the thread I cut in the end of the banjo bolt and works as a removable restrictor, loctited in place....the hole is 1.4mm....I can now downsize a bit at a time...When flow is reduced to just whats needed the system is FAR superior to the stock block oil feed as this is dependant on the tolerance of the rear cam journal...I have plugged the block riser in head and block...

So when the hole is restricted to the very maximum from the STUPID stock sized feed the pressure in the main gallery isnt effected by more than a couple of psi and the rockers get oiled at idle and all the time...even if the motor is completely worn out.

Span up some oil pressure to test for any silly things. Good to see it instantly hit 80psi and the knock off valve open, slowed down and gave the oil a pre-work through system at slow speed and lower pressure...

I know all the tolerances are right on the bottom of book figure and I blueprinted anything I could, so from previous experience it's gonna be a good 2000miles before it gives it best and will need gentle treatment for a while so not to tear it up.. I set a few things quite "tight" so they last better after initial wearing in. Nice cool evening drives needed on empty roads...

Gapped some BPR6ES's to 0.040"....On the road they are the best in the old engine...I find 7's ok if your belting it, but the 6 has more clarity in the lower range for road work and all over, holding idle constant without fluffing after sitting in traffic etc, feeling a bit fluffy when you exit a town etc......Trackdays would be 7's I think...

Regreased my dissy weights.

I was gonna use an alloy rocker cover, but it weights more than my steel one! So will be selling it...I hacked the breather pipe off and will move it to the other side so it meets my catch tank with only a 12inch hose.., needs pipe welding on and a baffle plate welding in...risking oil loss on this side due to the tappets firing it about, but I can adjust the baffling if needed.

I have to do some real work for a few days I think! its piling up!

Jobs: that NEED doing!

Valance needs paint and fitting
Prop needs a new flange.
Gearbox tunnel fitting < its substandard junk. needs a better seal as it doesnt make any effort to to do there.
Clutch pedal fitting < want to make a braided pipe for it- to the slave.
Fuel regulator fitting and plumbing.
Headlight fitting and wiring tidied up.
Various small tasks.

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