Friday, April 21, 2006


So few things rear suspension related.

I was pondering perfect square wheelbasing. Basically getting the centre point stub axles of the front wheels and rear wheels the same each side to within 1mm....I bet they are out I'm gonna measure my car...I can set the tracking to some extent on the uprights wishbone rod ends I radius arm can be used to get the centres setup, then final toe tweak on the uprights...

Also i can set the castor angle by swinging the rear inner wishbone rod end forwards or backwards on the wide inner bracket combined with some radius arm adjustment i think.... but i could be wrong 8-) by adding more or less washers front or back, so changing the wheels angle of attack very slightly.... obviously with the radius arms being tweaked and toe set on uprights - ...basically moving the bottom of the upright left or right a tiny bit within the springs flex to get them both identical castor....i need to mull that over!

I'm gonna have some headache potential, but i'll get it dialed in ! change one thing you gotta redo everything gonna need a big red book.

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