Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yet more progress

Finished the carbs today, it took me a good 4hrs total to fit them properly, even dropped a drop of paint on the nuts inside the filters to lock down the excess thread and loctited everything, i can see why people find them hard to work with generally, cause if you attend to every required detail and know what makes a good job over a bad one, it takes ages, I wasted 2hrs on the linkage improving its action I think and pissing about with all manner of tiny things.

Angled the rad forwards...Need to box in the rad next as atm the air will just fly out the chassis and under the engine! should be good air movement with the bonnet vents... Hope he bonnet still fits, relying on measurements cause I was on me tod today with no bonnet lifters about...

I angled it forward for many reasons, cooling is better and boxing is more simple...I can get behind the rad now to work on the motor and time it etc... i can crane the motor out without removing the rad or water pump etc....making it faster job...Also added plain nuts on the bellhousing cause nylocks add 20minutes to the removal time...they annoy me everytime!!

Some good trumpets.

Looking damned sexy 8-)

You need a good bank of carbs 8-) This is my main interest in the car, the bits that you can play with and make better!

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