Wednesday, August 23, 2006

All quiet on the "beast" front

Nothing to report on the car. I parked it when I got back it hasn't moved since!

Haven't even washed it yet!

It was definately in my good books when I got back! I was fretting a bit before I left. It proved it worth as a package it works well - but there is still alot of things to improve, thats my nature, but for now its fun enough. For a road/track car it is a very good package! I don't want it cost me any money atm so its parked awaiting some loving!

I guess I might just fix the ticking UJ before the trackday.

Then onto some re-engineering/lightening work. I have a 30kilo target for the winter and want to concentrate mainly on lightening, maybe sort some alloy calipers and hubs and rear drums.

I think the Spitfire rear drums and GT6 front brakes are working well together bar the 1144 Mintex pads being a bit too soft at the Ring... with the small bore rear cylinders the drums work well and brake balance was ok at the "ring", so Alloy drums are on my list of toys, don't make em for GT6 brakes so....

Pondering making the bonnet hinge off the bulkhead, backwards...I recon that could save 12-15kilos in tubes and chassis members. I will be bolt shaving the car too and adding halfnuts onto alot of places and adding all the bits removed into a bucket and weighing it regularly! I know an easy 2kilos anyway.

Car was eating too much cash also, so my time is currently spent on the E-type.

Which is nearing the end of its paint job back end of September, lead filled, I hear its looking really really good. Won't be cheap job as much as a mint Spitfire on paint!

I started rebuilding the front subframe and suspension today after repainting, powder coating and rebushing/jointing it all. Nice part of the rebuild, bar the fact the muppet who powder coated the stuff didn't mask it off as I told him, so I have wasted over 2days removing powder coat from important parts of the suspension! doh!!!! Finger ache, knife job.

Wasn't fun taking the suspension apart as all the castle nuts were welded in place by corrosion, there are numerous alloy parts bolted with steel bolts which were stuck, all the threads needed chasing etc...Game.

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