Thursday, August 03, 2006

Exhaust, Lamdba sensor fitting.

Well. I removed the exhaust today and cut a hole then brazed in the lambda sensor boss in the 2-1 Y piece.

Braze = good as it flows and seals. I wired up and fitted the sensor I just await my fuel meter, still...Tomorrow I am assured, better bloody be! I just need to run a new feed to my fuse box from the batteries auxillary terminal which is after the battery and connected to the cut off switch, then string a wire to the front from the fuse box to power the meter and lambda sensor heater. I will add two switches on an alloy plate with a red light. The heater can then be switched on and off with a redlight to say its on and the meter switched on and off via the other switch...

I took a gamble on some rockwool type stuff from homebase to repack my micron silencer, it said A1 fire rating but after taking a blow torch to it, it melted, not rockwool!! £5 wasted, I'd have had enough of it to pack a 100 silencers if it was the right stuff. I was gonna repack the silencer to test it, anyway after taking it apart I noticed it had some major cracks in the end so it was about to fall it off anyway! So pissed off I took a hacksaw to the tube and about 5minutes later the new can was fitted.

It just happened to line up on the car, I managed to raise the exhaust a good 1.25" from the dangling previous setup...I just need the old mount welded onto this can's outer body and its a free job really..The old mount is actually a radius arm, wishbone bush and front wishbone bracket welded to the remains of one of the rear bumper supports I removed to save weight, there's cheap engineer huh?! I will add another strap mount for the main pipe to the diff front plate to take the load off the rear mount a bit and keep the exhaust up....Also puts the initial harmonics from the system into the diff and not the tub...

Ran the car with it semi assembled and its much quieter bar some blows due to lack of clamps, has a nice rasp at idle but no deep bass booms! Doesn't vibrate the whole garage, sounds very refined! Suddenly the idle sounds and feels cleaner and every tiny miss etc isn't amplified via the exhaust into a major sound!

Because of the Lambda I will need to seal the Y - piece and main tube wth exhaust paste to avoid air leaks effecting the reading...Which is a bit annoying cause it makes taking it apart a bit of a bastard as I found out last time I used it, removing the Y involved a massive hammer, loads of sweat and alot of loud swearing. Considering how many times its been off recently it would piss me off to remove again soon!

I will clamp the bike can to the main tube with a "mikalor" clamp, these are light and very effective with complete grip through 360deg and can be done up bloody tight with no deformation of tubes, those U things are complete pipe mangling junk!

Crap piccy -New can, very much like the old one! Its run at 90deg round from what is its real top and bottom. Gives me more clearance to the deck than the last one. Also the pipey bit on the end happens to go out backwards! I might add a clamp on mini silencing end pipe to sap a few decibels and make the gas exit further away from the car so it doesnt all stick to the car and make a mess.

A tyre. Bit about 10miles today, oh feels lovely pottering about the old tyres were well out of balance as they were scrubbed to buggery, no judder on these! Steering feels much nicer. Won't last!

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