Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trackday prep - Noise negation!

Still a bit worried about my noise emissions. Or rather the concerns of the local Castle Combe noise Nazi society. Why move next to a race track then whine about noise, some people need shooting to put them out of their own misery!

I knocked up this Mini Micron tonite. My old can hacked down by 12inches and re-packed with the remains of the old packing....Became quite obvious why it was 112db before, there was NO packing left around the tube inside! Only 50% left on the outside wall, must have been those flame outs....Just enough to repack this...I guess this will give me a 5-6db decrease. I flared the end that slides into the actual can on the car so you fit it with a hammer its a good fit. I will need to make a little bracket that goes to one of the numberplate bolts and onto the cage bolts on the can should be ok!...If they moan I'll fit this...Total cost zero pounds.

Oh and I'm itching all over, glad I wore a dustmask! Either the packing or I got fleas!

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