Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another day, Another 480grams.

Only a quick session today. I forgot all about the hood frame retaining plates so drilled those out complete with retaining cages. Only small saving, but my bucket of offcuts is getting heavier!

Removed the boot stay mount, again only about 100grams. Also removed the trim panel mount tags and cage nuts from the top of the boot.

I then remembered the number plate lamp has a glass lens! Only about 100grams worth...I removed this, as seen below, I made a new lens from perspex and bonded it to the outer shell...9grams worth of perspex!

Actually better illumination of the number plate than the grotty old glass!

If not for the MOT the hole unit would be binned.

Rear reversing lights are gonna have to go. Will have to make some alloy blanking plates up and paint them body colour and stick them on...Wish I'd filled the holes before it was painted but it'll be ok! There's another 350grams with the wiring removed too?!

Plastic headlight bowls are also a requirement.

Caged door striker plate fixings look a bastard to remove as I have to drill holes in the doorshut...ponder that one!

I suppose once I have done the other door hinges I am up to 1.64kilos of my 30target. Only 28.36kilos to go!

Work in progress - Jaguar subframe and suspension.

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