Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Ring Pics!

Few more piccies with my co-driver/ballast, Roger.

Entry - pressing on. Quite flat.
After apex, bit of roll under power...swing spring/right rear corner causing it me thinks. Can't run a rear roll bar with a swing spring cause it just doesn't work! It fights the swing action and gives you ZERO inside wheel/unloaded wheel grip without a LSD, as the swinger pivots the unloaded wheel into the tarmac and gives more grip, a roll bar stops this.
Bit of exit roll...but had good traction in all corners.

On the way out. Not sure what corner these are taken at....Looks like Tiergarten, ie the very first proper corner on the track after the Antoniousbucke Bridge.

Makes me wanna go back next weekend!

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