Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wet Ring? Ciao!

This is the Ring today, I checked weather yesterday and it said sunny and nice, bar possible rain on Sunday! now it says rain, thunder, and sun....At the Ring that means wet, dry, wet, dry, cold, hot....hail, sleet whatever.

As such I had to spend a little time this evening with lots of a insulation tape and silicone sealer, sealing every know leak my car used to have, main pain was the weather strips on my side windows as without an inner panel it you get a bit wet, now these are stuck to the windows with black insulation tape, hardtop front section sealed, any holes tended to, rear hardtop window resealed and taped up...I wasn't gonna bother because of the heatwave of late...I have yet to use it in the rain so I thought it best to prepare for the worst, hopefully James and I can now enjoy a 100% dry and warm trip in even the most horrid weather...Only issue is misting up, which will be a bastard! No heater or ventilation makes for a rather steamy beast.... I'll have to get James to stop breathing.

One bonus of the wet weather it usually means the Nordschlieffe is empty so we can make the most of the Re720 rain tyres and take some tentative laps...I don't declare myself a rainmiester, don't like it...I am a drymiester!

I packed my huge umbrella and some wet weather gear, I will pickup some tarps on my way tomorrow. as this cheap tent doesn't look too waterproof!

Beast is all packed, weighed down with fluids and tools and a few random spares. I can do no more! fingers crossed now. I put the 4.5L of spare oil and water over the wheelarches at the front in the bonnet as the rear end was getting a bit low, ballast and all that! Actually they have doubled the mass of my bonnet! Feels like a steel one again!

Just need my Mintex pads to arrive in the AM, modify them, as they are Ford ones and head to James's at about 1.45-2pm.

Hopefully back in 1 bit on Monday!

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VitesseEFi said...

Have good trip! Taking your video camera?