Friday, April 27, 2007

Oil take off block

Started knocking something up this afternoon...Did it all on a Bridgeporth Mill...Very useful tool!

Need some more work to its shape.
Recessed bolt heads as there is only a few mm clearance.
Need to ponder the fittings I will use over the weekend but its basically done bar the oil holes which will run through the block and flow assisting recesses and porting on the gasket face...Easy work took me couple of hours including learning to use the machine and tools. I want a mill!

Cost me £5 for the alloy and £25 for the rental of the machine and tools.

Probably another 2hrs work in it...So about £80 with the take off fittings, gasket, bolts and whatever. I like to make my own stuff!

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Anonymous said...

great shapes, I like the result.