Saturday, October 13, 2007


One alloy dash.
Bash the dash.
To make a lip, nice gentle radius.
Dash fitted perfectly! Need to cut the gauge holes etc, drill some mount holes, cover it.

Happy with it, its not even bolted in and its stiff as anything. Its made from quality 1.75mm alloy sheet (£7.50 at my friendly local alloy fab company)

It'll bolt to the existing dash section along the top edge via M5 hex bolts, the section that touches the roll bar tube will just be fixed to the roll bar via one M5 bolt its only function to support either end.
Thelower section and lip over the steering column area fixes to the old steering column main bracket via a small additional bracket I welded on, unseen in the images, this should remove the tiny upward flex in the column and fix alot of bits together. Its nice to drive a solid car. The car was pretty solid before with a cage and hardtop on so can only be vastly better now.

Need a 52mm conecutter for the gauge holes.

Not sure on the dashtop, I have other ideas. Could use the normal one but I'd rather not.


the_nutter said...

For the 52mm hole try using a hole saw. Bosch do a 52mm one. I used a 27mm Bosch hole saw to cut my wishbones at funny angles and they did a great job, with a very clean cut. They'll go straight through aluminum no messing.

Dash looks great but I think you need a proper cup holder!

David Powell said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for those.

Cone-cutters which go 30-52mm = bit pricey normally.