Sunday, October 28, 2007


Been a bit busy on other things the last week.

Have a quiet week coming up.

Just at the point of stripping out the cockpit and painting it, also bulkhead.

Been waiting for parts for my fuel system and other things that were delayed in the postal strike. Some arrived, some not, I have some stuff thats meant to be coming airmail, no sign of that, its been 3weeks, I am pissed off.

Useless service. Sooner the Royalmail go down the pan the better! Holding the country to ransome is out of order, its effected business for everyone. I rarely use the RM for packages anyway and I will never give them my money again for any items over 2kilos.

This is where they make their money, they make nothing on first class mail, so its where to kick them hardest. I mean you can book a courier to come collect for £6.50 up to 25kilos, send that RM its like £20-30, this farce must end! Internal packages in Germany can be send up to 10kilos for about £4. Its taking the piss, rip off the Brits eh!

Anyway enough of that!

Hopefully get the front of the cockpit and boot painted this week and start fitting it out.

I decided to just convert the tank to pump piping to JIC connections as I can reuse the fittings and hose when I fuel inject the car. I'll leave the rest of the system as it was, just using a normal brass line on the chassis.

Bonnet is about done.

I have an Innovate Motorsports LC-1 with DB Gauge Wideband meter on the way also. That can be attached to a laptop for logging fuel ratios and also it can replicate the narrowband sensor for fuel injection ECU giving better results. So its good for the future. If I fuel inject I'll be using megasquirt as the wiring and systems already on the car can be slightly adjusted and work with it. I'll probably just "slap on" a set of Jenvey throttle bodies on my existing manifold. Its ported for 45mm bodies, the air filter system and trumpets will all bolt straight on, as Jenvey DCOE/DHLA flange pattern bodies are an exact replica of the carb's flange and mounting holes. So that really should only be a day job.

Hopefully some good progress this week!

Oh and btw, spammers, its a waste of time spamming this blog, I will not publish your penis enlargement messages, so don't waste your time!

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