Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mumbling part 2

Too many ideas for a gearbox tunnel...

Noticed there is a company a few miles away who can vacuum form ABS plastic.

Have to give them a bell.

I could then knock up a mould/shaped object from various materials and get them to vac form some 3mm? ABS over it. Not much to consider and a neat way of getting a 1 piece tunnel thats got a bit of flex and some sound deadening and heat resistance properties, also can be made in virtually any colour. Its really the only job left. Kind of intended to make some alloy thing, but I like the idea of ABS plastic.

I could knock up a stiff mould using bits of wood like a skeleton structure with some thin alloy sheet stretch over and bonded on.

Atleast this way I can knock up a mould pretty quickly not having to be concerned with asthetics and not have to get any specialist welding done or incur any great material costs...probably only £10 for a massive sheet of 1mm alloy.

Could also get a couple of tunnels made at once.

It may not possible, but I see they form dashboards and all manner of stuff.

Being as its on show and not covered by carpet etc I cant bare looking at anything substandard everytime I get in.

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