Friday, October 05, 2007

Spaghetti Junction

Just about finished the loom for the bulhead area and clocks etc.
Clock and switch location stays as it was so the loom spreads out behind the column support. All the wires are now just as long as needed. There are just a few more pinch connectors to unpinch, remove and replace with soldered connections, all joints are now soldered and have soft boots over the connectors. I added some molex plugs and quick connectors as mentioned. I wired in the Lambda sensor and meter properly I added a spare wire for a wideband sensor so the system is future proof :) I added a few spare feeds and earths for future use to save hassle.

If I was no expense spared I probably use more elegant connectors, but not a few quid for a bag you can't go wrong!
I was about done at this stage. Once fitted the loom moves up and all sits neatly in the top of the dash, no loom visable/sag. I fitted the old dash panel back in the new location added all the wires and clocks and finally tested the loom and function and fit, tested rev counter, ignition, all systems ok... have been working on this wiring for 3 LONG evenings. Anyway fits really well with no mess, neat, direct and unstained in connection to the switches etc. Everything works so I finish a few small jobs on it and then stick a layer of tape over it and call that a day. When the car is being finally kitted out I'll cover it with tubing.

Pretty happy with the wiring, I like a loom you can pull and tug without any worries about loosing wires or connections.

Still need to cut the dash and form it, add the steering column brace, clean up the angle ground lip under the dashtop / rip the vynil off and make that good...I can then start fitting the dashboard by drilling all the holes. Then cover the dash and thats this bit done!

Glad I took the time to do this job...

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