Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mildy annoying

The place I get my paint from has phased out 2pack.

All they had is some water based crap that you need to spray an epoxy lacquer over. Sounds like bureaucratic nonsense to me...Paint is good for the environment but the lacquer just as bad.

Hopefully have some full strength Triumph White No19 on Thursday from my local paint shop.

Got the fuel tank modified to take JIC connections, made up a nice aerospace line from the tank to the pump. Just need a 1/8th NPT to JIC 6 adaptor for the facet pump now.

Finished off my bonnet wiring, just need to lift it on and cut the wires down and solder on a connector block.

Saw the bloke who painted my car today, he has blood cancer, which is a bit of shame, but he is responding well to treatment..Discovered by accident when his back gave out and he went to the quack for some pain killers, a bit of bunged up bowels for a week, lost some weight...It leeches all the calcium from your bones and weakens them, the calcium then kills your kidneys...Another 48hrs he'd have been dead from Kidney failure! They flushed him out and he's been on Kemo for while...I was already aware your life is hanging on a thread, but its times like that its really driven home...Don't take nowt for granted! Every day above ground is a good day! Even if your life is shit, its better than being dead!

I guess the blog fans are expecting some major progress soon, it will happen :) Its like a set of scales atm, tipping this and that way...Bit more on the one side it'll all fall into place :)

Oh and no sign of my Airmail packets...Each day I pine like a dog waiting for the postman...

RM say "we are processing mail in the order it arrived" like you are, cause my packets arrived in the UK days before the strike...lazy bastards, get those striking prats on unpaid overtime to clear the mess! Don't know their arse from their elbow. Its been two weeks, how long can it take to clear a few days mail...They will probably just incinerate it all when these lazy tosspots don't get anything done and piss off home when they want, enjoying Spanish practices. Replace them all with Polish!

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