Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Slow progress

Been busy wiring again. Takes so long to a good job, 16hrs this time. I made a new loom before which was fine but things had been added to it and have always been reluctant to finalise it. But now all systems are in the car the time has come.

Loom can now easily be removed from the car as a unit, all important joints on the front are soldered. This leaves some work on the rear section and the main box of electrics and relays, but the important part for progress is about done. I couldn't really do much behind the dash till it was removed..What with adding heater vents, tubing, the heater I have to check and manage all these parts as my car is not at all standard! so its all been assembled a few times and taken apart etc, this takes bloody ages.

So it may appear not alot is happening, which is true I suppose. However it'll be better in the longrun. At this time details matter not big jobs.

Also had to add a heater feed, switch and a few other things. Added some multipole quick connect type connectors on the column switch wiring, bonnet loom...No fiddling with those black sausages and bullet connectors now...I need to make a new loom for the bonnet as the headlights/bowls (now plastic) are being changed, the H4 connectors melted on the headlights and its a bit bitty in general.

I will not finally cover the front of the loom with corrigated tubing until final fitout as its easy to manage the loom when it folds up small, of course it will also need testing, but it all worked before!

So once my heater box, pedal, vents, pedal bracket, steering column bracket are all powdercoated I have basically a completed the bulkhead and such and such.

I will then be at a point where the cockpit is bare and all 99% of parts are ready for assembly, lots of room to make the gearbox tunnel, once thats done I can then paint the cockpit and bulkhead...

Then I start putting it together, in kit form, all complete and ready to bolt together having been lovingly made, modified, fitted, tested.

Still a couple of missing parts and jobs but nothing major.

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