Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More jobs

Decided I may as well future proof some other stuff.

I pulled the fuel tank out for some mods.

Interesting to find the two bolts under the fuel tank >body to chassis> loose and rattling. Which does add up, I always had a rattle that from there, about the only one.

No suprise anyway as yonks ago I found all the rest were loose. I think the person fitting the body was a bit weak!

No suprise why the one was loose, it was never done up right, thread was chuffed. So I tapped it out and fitted a new bolt.

I also found there was something in the fuel tank, much hassle trying to get it out. It was a number 58 Dellorto Idle jet, funny! Obviously my fault.

I will probably fuel inject the car at some time, so may as well make adjustments for that now.

This will entail welding on a "JIC-6" weld on threaded adaptor to the tank outlet. Adding JIC-6 adaptors to the pacet fuel pump. Then running goodridge connectors/hose from tank to pump and pump to hardline/bootfloor - connectors like I got from ebay. Hardline to the front bulkhead from the bootfloor. The connection/adaptor in the bootfloor and pipe to the bulkhead will be fixed and used on both systems (carbs/injection), the pieces needed for injection will just be setup at either end in place of the carb bits of the system, without need to change anything or position of tubing etc. I will need another pressure regulator or mod mine for JIC6 tails.

The standard tube size (with olive) from the tank is pathetic so its best to do this now. Will also add a return line and breather system and blank them off for now, again easy enough to add JIC-6 weld-on adaptors and use JIC-6 cap blanks to seal them till needed. Suppose I could and should baffle the tank too for FI, or could do dual tank thing. Run a pacet from the main tank, which fills another smaller tank maybe 2litre size, fuel goes into the top and is drawn out the bottom by the fuel injection pump, the tank has an outlet on the top also, which pumps fuel back into the main tank and gives deairation the fuel, this acts as a swirl pot and also gives the pump an extra two litres of fuel to suck on as a surge tank.

Got the dash drilled bar the gauge holes. I added my air fuel meter to the dash as the front panel comes off. I removed the face and bolted the dash panel inbetween the face and body, so the meter is flush with the dash and not just bolted somewhere.

Not essential work at this time, but saves doing it later.

Running out of jobs slowly :) Just keep creating more.

I have a nice pile of lovely painted, ready to fit parts, which all fit and will just fall together! The car will basically be a baretub soon. I can then paint the inside. Its all just flowing along, it'll meet a natural point soon where its bare and painted its gonna be a good day cause its all just homeward from there. Its turned into a beast of a job, and there is still the rear suspension to do.

I even had a dream about driving it the other night, guess what, it was bloody quick :)

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