Sunday, October 07, 2007

More messing about

Finished pedal box. Happy with it. Pedals are nice and tight, no slack or play at all...Like a swiss clock.

Decided to fit a twin speed motor for the wipers. Should be a bolt in job. Need to buy some Triumph parts! First time for AGES! Just a seal for the heaterbox and pedal rubber...

Will strip out the wiper system and the new motor and rebuild it all, clean and regrease the rack for superwiper power! To go with a new windscreen, be nice to actually see something when the sun is low or headlights are coming the other way.

Stripped the bonnet of the lights today too. Rewire, new bowls, lamps (with sidelights in). Cleaned out the inside, was full of millions of bits of tape and wire. Just have to get all the dash area systems ready for fitment and I can nail the gearbox tunnel..Some paint, its onto final build.

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