Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slow progress, some interesting projects on the horizon?

Been meaning to ditch the metal headlamp bowls, so now have nice plastic ones. Actually worked out very well, as the plastic ones allow greater movement adjustment. The metal bowls were maxed out on the adjustment, as my only complaint on the bonnet was the headlight mounting faces were not vertical and needed alot of adjustment via packers behind the base of the bowls.

Also the plastic bowls are a load lighter and do not need the metal cone part that holds the light unit in and is sprung against the bowl with the spring. So fitted and removing the lamp is a doddle with no spring.The chrome ring is a different design. Also had a cracked light unit.

So quickly rewired the bonnet as it was a bitty.
Also thats not too healthy. Not quite sure why thats happened. Same on both, so now bigger earth wire is used and is a dedicated earth solely for the headlights....Maybe my use of 130/90 bulbs and 100/80? Hopefully fixed now.
With some new connections and plugs.
Hopefully in the next weeks MatGT6 from the forum will be allowing me to get busy on finishing off his lovely Mk4 Spitfire with the supercharged Fiat 131 engine.
A real beauty and a credit to the builder Kevin. A class act. I shall be endeavouring to complete the car to an equal standard, it has to be the best built and constructed modified triumph car I have ever seen. It will put my car to shame when its done!!

Some serious time and dosh involved in this one during its long build history. There are numerous jobs to complete, mainly detailing and some rather interesting construction relating to cooling and rear suspension. The car is mainly complete but needs everything finally fitting and getting it running and fixing many loose ends.

Looks like a great winter/spring project. It'll be like brother and sister in the garage!
What a beauty.

Probably won't be a fat lot of progress on my car for a short while. I will be finishing off the bonnet jobs. I want to remove the hinge tubes, blast them, paint them, and fit them properly with some rubber on the arch mounts and finish of the details on a few bits that didn't get done in the spring of 2006. The majority of the hardwork on the engine is done, its winter now so best get the rest to standard.

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