Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rear brakes

Been messing about with rear discs.

Only really come to one conclusion...looks highly expensive and a pain the arse.

Also getting a decent caliper behind the wheel looks harder without some horrendously complex adaptor plate..

I shall probably be leaving my car on drums, why? Cause they work! Simple, cheap, reliable...

Never had a problem with them.

I was costing up a conversion kit with some nice alloy two pot calipers with a handbrake device in them...Looking about £1000. Whats the point? Who is gonna spend £1000 on a really trick brake kit? 5 people a year?

I could possibly make some cheaper model using a rear caliper from a production car with built in handbrake device...Just sell modded discs and "source your own calipers"...

That seems the only likely way to make any cash from it.

Again, every racing GT6 is yusing drums, so why bother? sure if you can produce a kit for cheap using OE parts, ok, do it...

None of the PRI stuff is really useable with the rotoflex anyway...Also the PRI kit is very well made, but so complex.

If you want to buy a PRI rear brake conversion, ask me...Price £1000.

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Anonymous said...

there is a company who make drum to disc conversion brackets they tell you which components to add to their brackets and let you source them.