Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More wiring and messing

Tunnel is again bonding and curing. Will do a bit more tomorrow.
Did a bit more wiring, using proper waterproof connectors, snap locks.
Black ones for the EWP/FAN and Fan switch, they are good cause you can add little brackets and snap the connector onto a bracket to hardmount the end connected to the loom, so they don't flap about and its super tidy. White one of the headlamps/side and indicators.
Made a small bracket that houses the two connectors here.

Neat enough and keeps the connections clean and whatever. All the old connectors were full of much from being "open" to atmosphere.
Just the headlights to do. Got a bigger oil pressure warning light, just need a 25psi switch for it. Wiring is basically complete!

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