Friday, June 16, 2006

3D MegaJolt very much alive!

Josh basically just got it fitted. I went round and tidied up the wiring in the engine bay tonight. Basically complete.

First impressions are GREAT, really happy! The computer map needs more advance at high TP and mid range and upper rpm ranges so I cannot conclude anything firm, i said to josh to make a safe map for now. I am a complete novice at this! Im a spring/weld the curve man!...

However on a 40mile run tonite there is a big difference to control of spark, smoothness, dissy -whip and lash during throttle and power transitions...Basicallly you can tell the timing isnt working off a chain, cam and drive gear, then a shaft...big change.

No slop and whip action...Feels very solid timing wise, its given a very clean and consistant feel, marked change its just lovely in on off throttle in traffic...Idles like a clock, plugs are cleaner and look great, multispark! Sure the exhaust emissions smell cleaner too.

The car is working very well indeed at cruise to 4000rpm with a gob more torque than before...and during light throttle action and moments between power and cruise its much smoother...Really noticeable effects!

Feels like a big HP change in some areas its storms along in 4th any rpm, even as low as 1500! (race cam!!)..When its tuned 100% I expect it to give a huge increase in torque during changing TPS (throttle positions) and give a big boost of flexblity. I had the best drive tonite since my old engine. For a race cam the engine is now VERY flexible and a complete and utter dobble to drive. It will be as good as any modern production car when I have finished with it!...At all RPM and TPS and loads.

Why did I wait 18months!!!?! Doh!

Basic final install.

Tomorrow I will hack off the top vertical section off the alloy dissy pedestal, grind it down to the bolting face and JB Weld a flat plate over the top with a baffle under it, I will add a pipe into this top plate and run this pipe to my catch tank as a case breather! Bye Bye Dissy! I am sick of you sorry!

Thats for sale, its full recon with 11 deg curve suited to TH5-Fast Road 89 cams etc on 1300 or 1500 engines...Also for sale is the Aldon 2 Ignitor unit and flamethrower coil, dogs do da's £175 new...The Magnecor leads are also for sale...This is a great dissy with a good curve for a mod'ed engines...Its the VERY best you will get from a me subject Spitfire Parts.

Crank Sensor. Note the Dipstick is bent to slot under the engine plate, its very solid! No springs needed

EDIS4 brain box and Zetec coil pack, coil pack mounted on two 1/4" UNF studs and some rubber underneath.

A coil pack, you don't need this model anything from a Ford with EDIS unit is good, I spied a smaller unit at the scrappies I may change to that? lighter!

The MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor is fed from the manifolds, I didnt have enough T pieces or tube to finalise it, so its a not ideal atm, but seems ok?!

The MAP reading is best taken from all 4 barrels - 4 into 1 pipe from the manifolds, this gives best overall signal level balance and less up and down readings and no need to use restrictors to remove spikes.....I will get another T add more pipe (blue, i got a blue fetish I think!!) so thats a job that needs doing. The Dellortos on Alfa's use this tech also.

Ebay time. 2.39am! Doh...Best get to bed soon!


I can also undertake this type of work- to this standard- to ANY car in the chassis'ed Triumph Range GT6, Spit, Herald. Give me a call!

Have you seen any cars like this one anywhere??! I haven't.

I am currently developing some interesting innovative products for the 4 banger engines and chassis to be released later this year with a new Website.

Detail attention and modern upgrades - innovations are my thing, bespoke kit! Bar a select bunch of traders - Canleys..Chris Witor, Karl Danridge - decent quality work is hard to find - I'd forget all "farmers" who don't get their hands dirty!

Only next week I am sorting a TR6 engined Spitfire for a guy in Worcester, he paid a company a vast sum for a carb fitments and engine tune - he is completely annoyed by the poor results- it runs terribly to put a smile on it, spitting, snarling, surging, pulsing, backfiring animal!! He's coming to me to get this work redone to a higher standard, inspection of the work carried out, made me laugh!! The car currently runs like a dog after the "expert" mauled it.

I'll put all the pieces of this puzzle? back together.

Dave - 07967186309 12-6pm....

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