Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Type 9 box, lost the plot on my engine, regained control!

We'll the ignition was great low down but really ballsed up my jetting. I admit to be completely lost yesterday evening...1.2mm gaps made it go completely bad...

I was pleased with Wide Open power from the 6 tube but the cruise character wasn't good the 6 tube needs alot of plate angle to operate, where as the 7 will fire with no real angle at all, leads on from progression without opening the plates....6 tubes and the ignition made this much worse... I was about to park the car and forget about it for a bit...however today I went back to the 7 tubes which were a bit crap before.

I scored bigtime! 52 idle-7850.1 holder, 125 main-7tube 140 or 150 corrector works so bloody well now! I have got the engine back ! Infact it nearly matches my old engine for smooth as silk running. You would surely think it was fuel injected if you didnt know, its perfect. It's come back to me in a big way! Infact its so bloody good it could be passed off as a production car ! If you drove it you could probably not possibly be able to understand how a race cam can be so smooth at any rpm, it cruises with no effort from 1500rpm, no noticeable cam zone really bar climbing hills. Its SOOOOOOOOOO smooth!!

The engine is so good its pleasure to pull off and stick it in top as soon as possible and potter along, will pull off in 2nd. I was well pissed off yesterday!

Went back to Josh's original map on the ignition which works well, having never played 3D igniton its all a bit baffling!!!!!!! I'll learn, monkey see monkey do.

Had a good day at Combe! I spent most of the day by my car chatting to millions of people, I wasn't allowed or registered to display my car - but I parked in the porsche, ferrari and GT40 section anyway 8-) My car attracted alot of attention! People loved it...

Few Triumph folks there who were simply baffled by it I spent hours talking to people! didnt really bother watching on track...

Jigsaw were there, but Mark couldnt bring himself to even show any interest or even look at my car, he was parked only 20metres away! Oddness! Even after I buy a cage from him, I felt a bit narked about that actually what a prat!... Guess he releases I wont be buying any more kit he'd probably rather spend time waffling mindless crap to people who don't know better 8-)

I told everyone I saw to buy lightweight starter motors on ebay (Isuzu Trooper 2.6i, Bedford Midi van with Isuzu engine)..., lightweight alternators on ebay (search Denso) and giving all manner of tips for cheap upgrades and stuff, telling folks how to make gearboxes, diffs, 3D ignitions -what works and more important whats bolox....

I guess when Marks chair collapsed and he ended up on his arse on the deck more that made up for it...I even went over and spent a good 30minutes looking at and to him talking about his Le-Mans replica, but he seemed more interested in his telephone call about his new kitchen or something...Some folks are plain odd...!!

Maybe been reading my blog 8-)

Resorting a 2500 Spit they "assembled" on Wednesday, triple Webers and it runs like a piece of ****.

I said to my mate in Worcester after popping the bonnet that the car must run like a dog -that a right *anker must have put it together.............then I was informed who did it...followed by "ahhh" and he said he ran like a dog and gave me the owners number!.... He gets cars in all the time that are built by JRS and the owners are always asking for them to be sorted out, he tells them to take the bloody things back there!

So Combe Was a great day out! Good to meet Mad Mart and 2 Toledos. Cheers for the ticket!

Type 9 stuff.

Adaptor plate rear.

Adaptor plate front - might get some made?

Rear mount plate, its steel and weighs a TONNE, I gonna delay fitment till I can make a billet alloy one...some 8mm should do the job.

Stock clutch but with a different centre for Ford box....Always found stock clutchs ok...I am gentle on them...Firm but fair!

Funny prop, loads thinner and lighter than the Spitfire one! Counter the boxes extra mass... a bit?

The plug colour I had been hunting for, thats after 10miles using no more than 3000rpm, with plenty of town driving. Not bad for race cam -engine. 1.2mm gap. 0.048".

Couldnt be arsed waiting for my T pieces and tube to arrive to get MAP readings from all 4 cylinders , so I cut up some old clutch line and soldered up this beast! works well but its ugly as sin!

New toy, can take 3 sets of carbs at once, its a monster sonic washer! Ex Navy. Need some kick arse cleaning fluid now, self heating etc etc...with the right fluid it'll be amazing I think!!

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