Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All is well

The beast is well.

Finally fitted the oil cooler! 30psi idle, 50-60psi by 2000rpm depending on previous loading with 65-70peak (tuned relief)...It was thinning the oil out alot on motorway, tight engine, hard worked oil, now better.

Running well, but every fuel type seems to effect my jetting a touch! Need to stick 1 type...Tried some 5star leaded the other day £1.50 a litre...Ran like s***! Had to remap my ignition to give 3 deg more advance in the middle and low end as lead makes fuel much slower to ignite and reduce my jetting size a bit, most odd! The stuff stank...I had it running so well on Ultimate and VSP before I filled up, I was a bit narked 8-)

On optimax and vsp atm.

Hoping to bore out the spigot bush for the type 9 tomorrow and get some alloy for the rear mount plate...I want to get that fitted asap.

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