Sunday, June 11, 2006

Suspension, carbs.

Fitting some very heavy duty race springs I got free off my mate, unknown poundage but I think 600lbs. Rides ok still, very tight, my AVO bushes had split as they were from a dodgy batch I called and got some replacements.

Instally noticeable was more understeer during turn in, but thats not a bad thing as it gives stability, more balance maybe, the suspension geometry needs working on and RE720 tyres on the back are better than the A539 and also 185! Fronts are 175 so that doesnt help...Feels good. Tweaked it a bit and got it better, it didnt work at all on my first drive I went home after 2 corners, had to drop the spring bases 6 turns a side to get my ride height down again, need to lower the back also.

Useless trying to jet carbs between 10am and 8pm atm, damned heat! Thing comes alive at 9pm. Moved to 32 chokes and tested some combos. Current on 52idle-7850.1 holder-125main-6tube-140 corrector, but 120-122 main on 130 corrector or 120 basically feels the same!

I think to get the best settings I need to fix the diff and see whats its doing with a Co2 probe, I just can't tell whats best, too hot also. Back on 7 plugs with 1mm gap.

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