Monday, June 05, 2006

Reborn as a Bike racer?

Its alive! All back together and running. Yet to sample the goods. More neighbour grief, has use some nasty language to get him to go away, told him he isnt welcome on this property. Wrote him a letter after which should lay down my law with him.

Move to 33mm chokes 125 main-7 tube- 150 corrector, the plan is now to just push as much top end 4750-7000 as possible. Should be rapido!

No leaks yet, see how this funny head gasket goes.

I expect the top end to be mad! Yet to note what it idles like etc, bit more lumpy i think but still good, don't care now its all about peak performance.

Went to a classic bike race meet on Saturday with my old engineer, 76 years old -he took two bikes and used 1, had a few problems but ok. He didnt kill himself. His mate was racing a Triumph Bonneville and another mate was on a Honda 88ss, naughtly overbored by 80thou!

Dangerous news, I'm seriously thinking about buying a Honda 88ss and go racing I think, not all the time just for fun, im the perfect jockey, everyone I spoke to asked what I was racing! then saidwhy the hell aren;t you racing!!

Cheap fun and the Honda is dead reliable I can tow it behind the Spit 8-) This guy has been trying to break it for 2years, it did 6 races on Saturday! Real sexy little bike, fully faired and so simple late 60's thing I think, made for me.

Most of the guys there were big and such. I'd cream em when I got fast. I'd be 1.5-2seconds per lap faster than most of em by weight alone. All pretty relaxed. Pembrey great track! Have to go there in the Spitty. Sun Sun Sun was boiling at 10am, cooler in the afternoon! Bar having 2hrs sleep in 48hrs then coming home and working till 3am fitting my engine yesterday it was all good! Bushed to the max, could barely see after 9pm.

Where does this bloody government waste all our money, Wales is such a well laid out place, I like Wales, if I moved anywhere in UK would be there. England is a shambles and shithole. The roads alone are worth moving for, everytime I drive my spit locally here the roads get right on my goat.

Pulled my left chest muscle doing up the pulley nut to some insane torque, pulled it again today it bloody hurts! everytime I breath it kills.

Hopefully get time to have a fiddle with the spit tomorrow.

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