Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Days like these make it all worth while!

This evening I made a major breakthrough.

I changed to heavier floats in the carbs .1 10gram which solved an inconsistancy I had been having. Tested BP8ES plugs, but too cool for road use, but was still bit unhappy happy with the running and unable to work out what timing was best as it sounded like detonation.

I had been suffering with some mixture quality issues on my favoured 7 emulsion tubes, also on 5's, just could get rid of this shrill noise at most TPS and RPM on main power circuit no matter what jets were run, lean, rich, overlaps were all over the place and it wasnt right at all. I could get the circuits to overlap and the middle was all to cock...I have never used a 6 tube on a 1300.

Here was a pivotal moment.

I fitted 128(main) 6 (tube) 140 corrector and happened to hit near gold!! After testing 130main the noise reappeared at the top, also was still there slghtly on 128... I found maybe 10bhp over yesterday... Then I went down to 125main, the engine smoothed out to as smooth as silk and the highend shrill clatter that had been present was completey gone. I found about 5HP or more at the top. Its sweet as a nut!!

The TH7 will idle as good as the TH5 at less rpm!!! 950rpm smooth, it pulls with gobs of torque even on HUGE chokes, there is a little powerband and MASSES of tractability!!! Its a miracle cam! Perfect for road use in a lightcar. When I get this fuelling 100% it'll run as well as a stock engine but with nearly twice the power?...Its awesome! I am SO happy!

Days like these make it all worthwhile.

I am still on 33 max advance and hopefully now I am 100% satisfied the shrillness was down the odd character of the engine's fuel requirements I can ramp that up to 35-36 and gain another 3-5HP!!

The car is absolutely ballistic, over bumps at 60mph in 2nd the rear wheels were wanting to spin, hold on to your hats it a rocketship!! I am overjoyed with it....!!!

It very quick, like the old engine on a 4.11 but more?! I may fit a 3.89 as it might be impossible to put the power down on a 4.11 8-)) In the wet it'll be totally mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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